You want shows? We got shows!

The Cove has been, and will continue to be a great place to see shows this year! We've hosted artists both local and on tour. In February we hosted Sun Not Yellow(from Lancaster, Pa), Second to Safety, Real Face and Joey Berkey. You can check out Second to Safety's new album here! (do it, you won't regret it!) We also had the privilege of having Pineapple Pizza play their last show (for now) here! They were joined by For the Empire(a Cove favorite) as well as Dylan Kersten, who shared his dj skills for everyone's delight!

March is looking to keep pace with February as there will be a show on the 7th headlined by Cory Paternoster and featuring Zack Tayler, Bothersome, Necter and Lupia. Cory may be familiar to those of you who attended the Second to Safety show in February as he is their drummer and backup vocalist. Zack Tayler secretly doubles as a vocalist/guitarist for Second to Safety, so he's very familiar to fans of the Cove as well. Rounding out the evening will be Necter, from New York, Bothersome, and Lupia. Necter's latest album, Spilt Milk, was just released at the end of February(and it's really good!)

On March 18th there will be a show headlined by Sage and Syrup, bringing their indy pop alternative sound all the way from Boston! Also on the show will be Joey Berkey, from Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Noa Jordan from Pittsburgh; and Future Black, also from Pittsburgh. Joey spends his springs living at the Home of the Nomad, helping with the ministry and weaseling his way onto whatever shows he can manage :) His spoken word is honest, heartfelt and worth checking out!

Having shows at the Cove allows us to use our unique space to connect artists with our community of friends, neighbors and students. We hope you're able to stop by for one of these quality shows and be on the lookout for many more exciting ones later in the spring!

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