Meet the Nomads part 2- Chris Anzaldi

In the State of Florida you'll find Walt Disney World, alligators, oranges and plenty of retirees. You'll also find the city of Melbourne, where Chris Anzaldi was born and raised. The city lies on the east coast, about an hour south of Orlando. Chris spent his time there developing skills in the fields of A.V., music production, videography and photography. He began by volunteering at his local church as a teen, running sound and learning from those who had come before him. Eventually they hired him full-time because they saw the skill and passion he possessed. When disappointment with the job and the people at his church set in, he went to another A/V rental job. The job paid really well so he remained there for about 3 years. During this time Chris began exploring the areas of music production, photography and videography. These were passions that he shared with a small group of friends, helping to build better bonds between them. He discovered the joy in helping others to pursue passions and projects of their own. He helped one of his friends start a video production company as well as recording several music videos. Chris's father has worked in GIS government website development for property appraisal for as long as he can remember. Before that he worked as an architect, making blueprints for buildings and houses. His stellar understanding of homes and neighborhoods helped him greatly with this job. His mother is a Voluntary Prekindergarten teacher, a job she has done for 22 years. She helps prepare children to be ready for school so they may receive as many benefits from it as possible. His younger brothers, Nick and Zack, are 13 and 18 respectively. Zack desires to follow in the footsteps of Steve Irwin and live his life in the backwoods of Florida. The family also inherited a hobo cat named Easton when he was abandoned by his former owners during a hurricane evacuation. It is clear that Chris has inherited much of his work ethic and creativity from his family. Chris's journey toward moving to Pittsburgh began in the spring of 2018 when he toured with Wind Words and Beggars, as a photographer and bag carrier. The highlight of that tour was Flood City Fest in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He decided to return to the festival, along with Michael from Wind Words, the following year. It was during this trip that he was hosted by the Home of the Nomad where he was treated to delicious tea, mediocre canned soup and an intense conversation with Brittany Hartman about what he wanted his future to look like. She saw that he had a lot of passion and ideas to improve the Cove. Before he left he was invited to visit during the summer to help redesign some of the rooms as well as teach photography. Upon returning to Florida, however, she challenged him that it might be better to move here permanently to be a part of the ministry and of the exciting things that were happening. Chris took this suggestion to prayer without expecting much from it. He consulted with close friends, pastors and even acquaintances about the matter. They all told him that it sounded legit and like an opportunity that he could regret passing up. He met with a friend who did mission trips regularly who helped him to understand the challenges that come along with doing ministry. He felt convicted that it was the right thing to do and moved to Pittsburgh in July of 2019. Since moving here he has enjoyed being involved with putting on The Novelty Collective 2019. The new environment has also pushed him to learn new skills such as photo printing and different drawing techniques. He is looking forward to the pursuit of writing more music and finding his own unique sound in the process. He is excited for new ministry challenges, making new friends and helping to build a positive scene for artists, musicians and passionate people of all kinds. The move hasn't been without challenges for Chris. He has had to acclimate and adapt to a new culture. This has led him to address and change a lot of things about himself personally. He has had to reset his priorities for what he desires out of life: friendship, community and creativity. He has had to deal with leftover baggage from his time in Florida, (ending a relationship that was unhealthy and going nowhere) while moving in with and getting to know four strangers. Through all of this he has had to learn to seek God above everything else. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Chris, both in Pittsburgh and in life, but his passion and creativity will produce great harvests for ministry and for the Lord. Mix that with coffee, ramen, waffles, photographs, art and friendships and every face will have a smile on it!

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