Adventure Time Halloween!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

As the sun began to set and a chill swept over the land five adventurers set out on their quest. Equipped with wonder, friendship and candy they departed from their fortress to spread joy and fellowship among the people of the land. They travelled down many roads, crossed a few fields and encountered countless ghouls and creatures. At the end of the night they were able to return home with empty candy bags and full hearts, their task complete. It had been a great night for adventure!

The five adventurers work for The Cove Art Center which operates out of Greenstone United Methodist Church in Avalon. This year for

Halloween they decided to forgo their usual party due to the impact of Covid. The annual Halloween party is one of the Cove's greatest opportunities for outreach and the lack of i left a huge void to fill. The idea was proposed to embark on a reverse trick-or-treat which would see them going from street to street and house to house passing out candy instead of taking it. The plan needed the perfect costumes in order to be executed properly so the group agreed that this adventure called for characters from the animated show “Adventure Time.”

Visionary Director, Brittany Hartman, tapped into her love of the macabre to portray Marcelline, the vampire. Project Manager, Chris Anzaldi and Lesson Planner, Daniel Kemp teamed up to portray the loveable lead duo of Finn and Jake. Resident Storyteller, Christo Gibson called upon his ice powers to tackle the Ice King while Spiritual Formation Coordinator, Jenna Martin used her love of rainbows to help with the task of dressing up as Lady Rainicorn.

With their costumes properly assembled the group set out on their mission. They began by introducing themselves to their nearest neighbors, an opportunity that had not yet presented itself since their arrival in the land. Kids and adults alike were thrilled to be greeted by the adventurers as many houses invited them to partake in the candy they were passing out. “Oh, were actually passing out candy,” Brittany would return, breaking character to smile. The concept of reverse trickor-treating was very fresh and exciting to the kids receiving candy.

When darkness began to deepen and the porch lights began to go out, the team of adventurers decided it was time to head home for the evening. They had smiles on their faces due to the joy of feeling like kids again themselves. “It turns out that adults can totally trick-ortreat,” Christo proclaims with a twirl of his blue robe. “Yeah, next year we should dress up as…,” the ideas begin to flow forth from Chris Anzaldi. This Halloween had been one for the ages but The Cove is always preparing for how they can serve their community next.

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