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Christo moved to Pittsburgh from Butler, Pa in March of 2019 in order to persue his calling from the Lord more fully. He has a love for literature that was developed in elementary school. He has a passion for writing- poetry, prose and everything in between that he discovered in high school. He has a desire to tell the stories of other people and the ways in which God has moved in their lives. 


These days he finds himself serving and invested in the future of The Cove Art Center as well as The Home of The Nomad. Both of these ministries take place in and work closely with Greenstone United Methodist Church in Bellvue. His hope is to help instill the same passion for reading and/or writing that he has into the next generation of high school students. He looks forward to getting to know as many people as possible in the days, months and years to come!


Chris Anzaldi was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida where he worked as an audio engineer for 9 years. In the summer of 2019 he was challenged to pursue his passions and talents more fully in order to bring glory to God. He moved to Pittsburgh to be a part of The Home of the Nomad and The Cove Art Center. 

Since moving here he has further developed his culinary skills and used them to feed and delight teenagers and adults alike. He also enjoys making perfect cups of coffee so everyone can enjoy the best cup possible. Perhaps his greatest passion is helping others pursue and achieve their goals- recording music and poetry for free, taking better photos and preparing delightful meals. He also contributed greatly to the design and build of this website!


 Danny grew up in Lansing, Michigan before moving to Statesville, North Carolina to pursue God's calling for his life. After a stint living with Outward Conversation, an organization dedicated to traveling and helping others heal through honest conversations, he moved to Pittsburgh in the summer of 2017. He volunteered at The Cove Art Center for a year before being honored with the title of Outreach Coordinator. 

Danny's passions include drawing, ping-pong and playing guitar. He is dedicated to teaching kids to play both ping-pong and guitar better. He also encourages a more complete understanding of Old Testament scripture as well as the character of God. He loves getting to know anyone who passes through The Cove and The Home of the Nomad.


Brittany has been working with youth since she was one herself. She earned her bachelor's degree in Human Services and Student Ministry from Geneva College. She started the Cove Afterschool Art Center in 2016, where she currently serves as the Program Director. 


Brittany refers to herself as an "artist without a medium" but also makes biblically inspired jewelry under the Clavicle Havoc moniker. She has a passion for teaching and encouraging others to pursue the qualities that make them unique. She never gives up on a dream once she sets her mind to it. She started The Home of the Nomad to provide housing for touring artists and a place for those who would otherwise be displaced.

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